Women’s Health in Aging – A Panel Discussion

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Women’s Health in Aging – A Panel Discussion

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Join us for a discussion, led by UNCG women faculty and experts, on a variety of topics that can maintain and improve the health and wellness of women as they age. Expert panelists will be sharing their recommendations for maintaining optimal health throughout the decades as well as taking questions from participants. This event is hosted by HealthyUNCG and The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness.

Panelists will include:

Amy Moyer, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Faculty
Dr. Anne Brady, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Trainer and Kinesiology Faculty
Regina McCoy, Board Certified Health Coach and Public Health Education Faculty
Dr. Laurie Kennedy Malone, Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Faculty
Dr. Elise Freeman, Gerontology Faculty

Lunch will be provided to those who pre-register by November 5th.
Location: EUC Alexander Room

Lunch 11:30
Discussion 12:00

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